Saturday, December 11, 2010

More Slick Desktops

Several months ago, I posted some shots of GNU/Linux desktops I'm using to demonstrate open-source music software for my writing project. At the time, I promised some shots of Linux Mint and Ubuntu Studio. Here are some shots of Linux Mint.

Linux Mint 9 Isadora with the Avant Window Navigator dock along the top and the Faenza Mint icon set.

With a terminal window open.

Linux Mint 9 Isadora with the Ambiance Mint theme, Faenza Mint icon set and DockbarX (a Windows 7-like dockbar).

With a terminal window open.

It's my hope that by cobbling together and presenting some really beautiful GNU/Linux desktops, some readers who are Mac and Windows users may be inspired to give Linux a go.

I'll post some images of Ubuntu Studio when I can. 

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