Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sun Microsystems WebLog Publisher extension for

Look what the Sun WebLog Publisher extension for can do. I can format my text the way I want to, and the formatting carries over when I publish my post—all without ever even opening a web browser to edit my post. It can even do this:

\version "2.13.13"

\include ""

\score {
\new Staff = "Guitar" {
\clef "treble_8"
\key a \minor
\time 4/4
\new Voice = "notes" {
\relative c {
<c a'>8 <b gs'> <c a'> <d b'>
<e c'> <f d'> <e c'>4

A whole block of text in monospace, just like it would appear in my text editor when I'm working on source files. That Rocks!!

Hyperlinks are easier to deal with too, since I can specify the target frame in an OO.o dialog instead of having to manipulate the html code in Blogger's browser interface. Nice!

Next, I'll give it a go with pictures and graphics. We'll see how Blogger handles it.

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