Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Weblog Extension

I'm writing this to guage whether I can reliably use Apache OpenOffice 3.4 with the Sun Weblog Publisher Extension to compose, edit, and upload blog posts to my Blogger account. By the looks of it, I may have to compose my post in LibreOffice, save it, open it in Apache OpenOffice, and then upload. LibreOffice does a nicer job handling typographical characters with opentype fonts than Apache OpenOffice 3.4, which is old.

My issue is that the Sun Weblog Publisher Extension doesn't work with LibreOffice, because the Sun Weblog Publisher Extension is also old. Which is a shame, since no other software exists for composing and publishing to Blogger on a local Linux-based workstation – not even Google's own “Blogdesk” package.

Oh well.

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