Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to Notesetters, Inc., the 'blog!

Notesetters, Inc. is a firm providing music engraving, transcription and editing service. This blog has been set up in the hopes that it may be helpful to others working in these areas, as well as in other areas pertaining to computer-assisted music notation and music publishing in general. Other topics which may be discussed here are:

  • Music typesetting using LilyPond
  • Open-source solutions in the business environment
  • Discussion of current projects Notesetters, Inc. is involved in
  • Shamelessly pitching our service to quasi-interested parties
  • The political aspects of advocating for open-source software and for adoption of open-source document formats and standards
  • Anything else even loosely pertaining to Publishing, Music Publishing, Open-Source Software or anything else that we fancy
Please feel free to post comments, questions, hate mail, love letters or anything else. But please be aware that if something is deemed offensive or not pertinent and useful to the discussion, it may be deleted.



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